Saint George hotel and SPA

TRAPKOV TOURS OOD aracılığıyla otelin çoğunluk hissedarı ve genel müdürü Georgi Trapkov'dur.
He is an economist and holds a higher degree in Commerce. Following graduation he pursued postgraduate study in tourism. In the past he worked for Balkantourist, National and Foreign Currency Trade, Interhotels and between 1983 and 1993 for DSK Bank. In 1993 he became an entrepreneur and started several ventures in the area of trade and tourism. He holds shares and acts as managing director of companies working in the area of hotel and restaurant management and casinos. “Our hotel is not particularly big so customer service with a personal touch and making each guest feels at home are of paramount importance. The best advertising we get is from guests who have stayed with us and recommended us to their friends and families.”
Luxury is not necessarily more attractive than a comfortable, cozy and clean environment.
“Our clients are always right – it is our responsibility to address the smallest aggravations.”

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“We are not annoyed that others are copying what we do. This means that we are simply going in the right direction and I cannot speak on behalf of others ….”

 The trend in bookings shows that we already have regular patrons who visit us several times a year or several summers in a row and this pleases us enormously.”

“It is not our aim to be unsurpassed at what we do but we do insist on doing our job well and continually learning how to do it better”.

“The main highlights of the restaurant are good food, an excellent standard of customer care, reasonable prices and a relaxing environment”.

“A period of convalescence must first and foremost reduce strain and pressure and help guests leave behind the dynamism and stress of daily life through the use of natural products”.

“Of course, we try to avoid guest complaints but in our business they are a fact we have to live and deal with. We always attempt to act expediently and in the best interest of our guests.”

“Pomorie is truly an ancient city. We are proud of our town. Although it has already gained a reputation on certain markets, it remains a treasure yet to be discovered in terms of its natural resources. When given an opportunity to experience the healing and restorative properties of the local mud and lime, one suddenly wants to shout ‘Eureka!’. Yet we are not yet either sufficiently good at what we nor do we have the financial strength to mount a more wide-reaching campaign promoting our tourist product.”