Aromatic essential oil baths caress the senses and drain the body of the last traces of fatigue. Underwater massage boosts the overall sense of relaxation.
Our tailor made SPA programmes combine different therapies based on salt lake mud and lime. All procedures are handled by highly competent medical professionals.

Pomorie’s healing salt lake mud
Salt lake mud is a natural compound, which forms at the bottom of Pomorie Lake. Its chemical composition comprises sulfate, chloride and magnesium ions and a number of organic substances.
Mud treatment has a proven anti-inflammatory and pain-relief effect. It boosts metabolic exchange and the immune system. It has a remarkable, scientifically proven beneficial effect on the bone and motor system, the peripheral nervous system, the reproductive system as well as various skin conditions.
Convalescence is enhanced by the beneficial climate and the combination of the sea, sun and water.
Face and neck mud mask - Regenerating and cleansing effect on problem skin, coupled with an anti-ageing effect. Clarifies skin tan and has a peeling effect. 

Mud baths comprise a solution of 30% salt lake mud, lime and water. Mud baths have a stronger chemical impact on the body and help set off any temperature-induced strain.
Aromatic baths are an appealing combination of essential oils and local lime with a pronounced relaxation effect. They have a strong beneficial effect in cases of respiratory diseases. An aromatic bath combines the beneficial effect of underwater massage, colour therapy and aromatherapy.
Underwater jet spray massage (in a bathtub fitted with an air pump)can be enjoyed in a professional water therapy bathtub, which massages the whole body with a pressurized jet spray.  
discount price
Underwater jet spray massage
20 min
35.00 BGN
Pearl bath with talasso products and aroma extracts
20 min
25.00 BGN
Partial mud application
20 min
25.00 BGN
Mud bath
20 min
25.00 BGN
Face and neck mud mask
20 min
15.00 BGN
Bath with lye
20 min
20.00 BGN